Royal Guard 3D movie

Be part of the Hungarians’ history

We can watch a breathtaking short movie about the Hungarian history in the cinema-halls (equipped with silver screens) of the rebuilt Royal Guard Building: this experience is like an idealized time travel.

The 14,5-minute-long movie presents the baptism of Saint Stephen, the Mongol invasion, the victory of Nándorfehérvár, the crowning of Matthias, the reform era, Budapest from the beginning of the 20th century and the 2 world wars as well. The virtual travel time tour shows different locations such as the Buda Castle from the early middle ages and the Visegrád Castle, the bazilica of Székesfehérvár (the crownings took place there), the library of Matthias, the battle of Mohács, the camp of the parliament in Szécsény and also the events of 1956 in Budapest.

We recommend this short movie to the tourist guides as well, right before their tour in the Buda Castle district it is a great way to arouse the interest of their group and it is also easy to refer to the film later on.

Before the Covid-19 restrictions, more than 500.000 people watched the movie in the visitor centers in Ópusztaszer, in the cinema of Fisherman’s Bastion and at the episcopate of Győr. The general opinion is that it attracts the youth’s interest towards history. The audio is available in Hungarian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese with earphones. The visual magic is provided by IMAX 3D glasses, but your own 3D glasses could be brought if you liked.


The 3D cinema halls are closed currently. The opening is coming soon!