Royal Riding Hall

The rebuilt Royal Riding Hall is one of the most impressive buildings of the Buda Castle, surrounded by the also renovated Csikós Courtyard, which can be an excellent outdoor venue for events.

Upon entering the building, the grand and elegant Royal Riding Hall opens up in front of us, which with its 640 sqm floor area and almost 15-meter high ceiling, can serve as an exceptional venue for large corporate events, conferences, exhibitions, or even balls and weddings. The presidential box on the first floor provides an extraordinary view of the hall, in addition to serving rooms and a bandstand located on this level.

In the basement, there is a cloakroom that is suitable for 300 guests and is also designed to enhance the guest experience. Safe parking is available at the Castle Garage located under the Buda Castle, which is directly connected to the Csikós Courtyard by an elevator. The Royal Riding Hall can accommodate up to 300 guests.

Room: 300 people Floor area: 640 m2

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